Guidelines for Using DRS Test Proctoring Service

Students are expected to bring their completed Test Accommodation Record forms to DRS to schedule their tests a minimum of two (2) business days before the tests. Test Accommodation Record forms can be picked up in DRS.

The student should complete Part I of the form and give it to the faculty member to complete Part II of the form (Sample Test Form). Please note that this is a sample for viewing and cannot be used for testing.

The fourth or gold copy of the Test Accommodation Record form is for the faculty member and helps to protect the security of the test instructions. We encourage professors to keep this gold copy to compare with the yellow copy, which we return with the test. Doing so will ensure that students are unable to change the instructions on the form after it leaves the professor's hands.

After the faculty member completes Part II of the form, the student then turns it in to DRS so the test may be scheduled. DRS needs two days to arrange adequate space, proctors, and adaptive aids prior to test time. Faculty members are not responsible for turning in the forms to DRS, and we ask that they not assume this responsibility for students.

Part III and IV of the test form are completed in DRS after the student has finished testing.

Test Delivery

Faculty members are responsible for delivering their tests to DRS.

Delivery may be by:

  • E-mail: drstests@memphis.edu
  • Fax: 678-3070
  • In person: 110 Wilder Tower Monday – Friday 8:00am-4:30pm

Tests which need to be set up on DRS computers for formatting in alternative formats should be sent 24 hours (1 business day) prior to test time and must be sent in an electronic format. Tests in paper copy need to be at DRS 48 hours (2 business days) prior to test time to ensure that we have time to scan, proof, and/or Braille.

DRS will return completed tests to faculty members at their department office. We do not deliver to individual faculty offices. Alternatively, faculty members are welcome to pick up completed exams by coming to the DRS office, 110 Wilder Tower.

We ask that professors not deliver or send tests to our office until after they have signed the Test Accommodation Record form. If the test and the paperwork cannot be matched up together when the test arrives in the office, it creates numerous problems for professors, students, and DRS staff, particularly when the test has no name on it.

Testing Procedures

Test Security: Students are either monitored by a proctor or by cameras monitored by DRS staff members.

Students arriving at DRS to take their test later than 10 minutes after the scheduled test time will be asked to get permission from their professor in order to start the test late. If the student misses the test, DRS directs the student to discuss the situation with the professor and have him/her contact DRS regarding a possible rescheduling of the test. If the test is not rescheduled, the test is returned to the professor or shredded.

Faculty members with questions about the testing process or problems with the services should contact April Huggins, the DRS Testing Administrator, at amburns1@memphis.edu or at 901.678.2880.