The Susan Te Paske "See Me" Award

The Susan Te Paske "See Me" Award honors a University of Memphis faculty member who has been nominated by a student for showing an understanding of and willingness to learn about issues of disability. The student nominator must write an essay detailing ways that the faculty member has demonstrated his or her willingness to assist the student as a learner. Most importantly, the faculty member must have shown respect in seeing the student and his or her abilities, while also acknowledging issues of disability.

This award is titled The Susan Te Paske "See Me" Award in honor of our former Disability Resources for Students director. During her decades of service to students with disabilities, Ms. Te Paske both empowered students as well as educated faculty members to view disability as an important element of diversity. Please consider nominating a faculty member with whom you have worked who possesses these qualities and supports your educational and professional goals.

How To Submit a Nomination

Do you have a professor who has gone above and beyond to break down barriers to disability? Is there a faculty member who you think is outstanding and deserves to be recognized? If you answered yes to either of these questions, then I encourage you to nominate that person for the Disability Resources for Students The Susan Te Paske "See Me" Award by using the form below.

The Susan Te Paske See Me Award Nomination Form

Past Recipients of The Susan Te Paske "See Me" Award

2018: Dean Kevin Smith
2017: Dean Meredith Aden
2016: Dr. Thomas Banning
2015: Ms. Jennifer Lynn Johnson
2014: Dr. Sandra Sarkela
2013: Dr. Jeff Wilson and Ms. Michelle Bliss
2012: Dr. Sally Ross
2011: Ms. Rachel Martin
2010: Dr. Sarah Clark Miller
2009: Dr. Charles Hall
2008: Dr. Anna Bess Sorin