How do I join the River City Partnership?

Step 1: Get Started

  • I have filled out the RCP Interest Form> to receive up-to-date information about RCP
  • I have explored the RCP website> to learn more about the program

Step 2: Apply to UofM (applies only to incoming freshmen)
(Applications for following year open early August)

Step 3: Apply to RCP Scholarship

  • I have filled out the general scholarship application in Tiger Scholarship Manager > (priority consideration Nov. – March 15)
  • I have applied for the River City Partnership Sedgwick Scholars Scholarship > through scholarship manager (priority consideration Nov.– March 15)
  • I have asked two school officials (e.g., teacher, principal, school counselor, coach) or community members for letters of recommendation by sending out the recommendation link >
  • I have started writing my scholarship essay (250-500 word) that describes my interest in joining the UofM College of Education River City Partnership and teaching in Memphis
  • I have proofread my essay, and it’s ready to submit
  • I have uploaded my completed letters of recommendation and scholarship essay as I filled out the application (priority deadline is March 15)
  • I have searched for and applied for other scholarships that I am eligible to receive

Step 4: What Can I Expect After Applying?

  • I have continued to check my UofM email for information about next steps, events and communications
  • I have been contacted by RCP faculty to schedule an interview after applying to the scholarship
  • I have followed the College of Education on social media
    • COE Twitter @umeducation
    • COE Instagram @uofmeducation