Ph. D. in Engineering with EECE Concentration

Graduate Calendar

PHD Procedures (in order, links to information and forms)

  1. During your first semester, find a major advisor, and fill out the Committee Composition Form. The committee should consist of at least 50% EECE graduate faculty. 
  2. Complete the Qualifying Procedure during your first three semesters. This list is effective Spring 2015. The Qualifier consists of taking core classes in EECE and making at least a B-.
  3. After your course work, take the Comprehensive Exam. You should not register for Dissertation hours until you have complete your course work. This exam has to be assessed for SACS accreditation using the form at the link above. In EECE, the comprehensive exam is a combination of a written test and oral proposal. Write a proposal for your dissertation research. Distribute to your committee. The will give you written questions to answer. After you return answers to them, they will grade. They may ask you additional questions at the proposal defense. Prepare a presentation on your proposed research and present to the committee.
  4. When filling out the PHD Candidacy Form, follow the instructions for admission to candidacy.
  5. Defend your Dissertation Proposal. The defense must be assessed using the form at the link above.
  6. Final Defense of your Dissertation

Students should submit both printed and electronic versions of forms to EECE office.