The Brightest of CAS: Students (2022)

Department of Chemistry

The pupil has become the master! My Research Scientist, Dr. Qianyi Cheng, just got an NIH R35 proposal funded and she will be looking for 2 postdocs (along with the postdoc position available in my group!) It's an amazing time to join the University of Memphis Dept of Chemistry!

Department of Biological Sciences

Biology student Kimberly Baldwin (Boardman lab) won 2nd place in the Health and Life Sciences Division for her project “Who’s who in the Zoo Poo” done in collaboration with the Memphis Zoo and Shelby Farm Park. Also winning awards were Alix Kirkendol (Sabel Lab) for her project “Exploring how undergraduate biology students engage in metacognition” and Sedra Sous (Sabel lab) for her project “Investigating undergraduate students’ engagement in systems thinking using cause maps”. Alix won 1st place and Sedra won 2nd place in the Education Division.

Department of English

The Department of English presented their 2022 Student Recognitions including awards for Giem and Collins Awards, Joseph and June Riley Essay Contest, Dr. Lawrence and Sarah Wynn English Fellowship, Outstanding Graduate Student Award, Department Service, William and Martha Donigan Department of English Graduate Scholarship, Eugenia & Fred P. Gattas Scholarship Fund, Ruth and Henry Loeb Scharff Scholarship, English Student Fellowship, Dr. Reginald Martin Award for First Year TA, Rebecca Argall Award for Graduate Student Teaching Excellence, Joe Orgill Fellowship in English, and more. Visit their website to view all awards.

Department of Political Science

Huge congratulations to Kaitlyn Zarecor. She is the 2021-2022 winner of the Political Science department’s Best Paper Award for her paper “Sex Appeal and Flex Appeal: Gendered Media Portrayals of Female Athletes”!

Department of Psychology

Congrats to @AnnaLiley, @labratDBKG, and @SimonNeuroLab on having their research published in eNeuro and featured by @SfNtweets

Jun - Patricia Nalan successfully defended her masters thesis, and she’s already back in the lab collecting data. Congrats, Patricia! @UofMPsychology

June - Congratulations to Dr. Jenni Teeters on receiving a federal grant to investigate interventions to reduce substance-impaired driving! @uofmemphis - Psych alums are doing big things!

Mar - Josie Steen Honors student, Psychology major has been selected for the @FulbrightCanada Mitacs Globalink Program, which funds U.S. undergrads for research over the summer in Canada! 

Sept - Age‑dependent effects of social isolation on mesolimbic dopamine release Megan A. McWain1 · Rachel L. Pace1 · Patricia A. Nalan1 · Deranda B. Lester1 Received: 22 April 2022 / Accepted: 21 August 2022 This is a U.S. Government work and not under copyright protection in the US; foreign copyright protection may apply 2022 Abstract In humans, social isolation is a known risk factor for disorders such as substance use disorder and depression. In rodents, social isolation is a commonly used environmental manipulation that increases the occurrence of behaviors related to these disorders. Sep 7 - New paper out from the lab with @McwainMegan, @RachelPace2112, and @NalanPatricia
. Just realized that this is an all female author list   Link: https://rdcu.be/cUUPd