The Brightest of CAS: Students

Department of Biological Sciences

First Place in 33rd Annual Student Research Forum

Emma Micer, a senior biology and chemistry double major in Dr. Jaime Sabel’s lab, won first place in the 33rd Annual Student Research Forum in the undergraduate Education category. Their research was titled, “Exploring Undergraduate Chemistry and Biology Students’ Understanding of Enzymes.” Congratulations Emma!

Biology scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022

The Department of Biological Sciences Scholarship Committee is pleased to announce the names of the recipients of the biology scholarships for the academic year 2021-2022:
The Botany Scholarship -- Jie Meltesen
The Dr. Virginia M. Norton & Dan Norton Scholarship -- Sarah Coleman
The Elizabeth K. Perryman Scholarship -- Isis Davis
The Goldye L. Feinstone Scholarship -- Saba Rohani & Razan Sweileh
Congratulations to all our scholarship recipients!

Thesis and Dissertations

Congratulations to Mike Ballou who successfully defended his Masters Thesis entitled “Distribution and genetic diversity of Nabulus serpentarius and its common congener N. trifoliolatus  (Asteraceae) with implication on conservation” on March 16th.  Mike performed his thesis work in the lab of Dr. Jennifer Mandel.

Congratulations to Kathryn Parsley who successfully defended her dissertation entitled “Exploring New Approaches to the Problem of Plant Awareness Disparity in Undergraduate Students" yesterday.  Kate performed her research in the laboratory of Dr. Jaime Sabel.

Congratulations to Dr. Elyan Shor who successfully defended her dissertation entitled “Environment, Brain, and Behavior: Neuroendocrine mechanisms underlying seasonal Rhythms in stress, immunity, and the gut microbiota in Siberian hamsters (Phodopus subgroups) “. Dr Shor performed her dissertation research in the laboratory of Dr. David Freeman.

From the Bower's Lab

Parental favoritism in a wild bird population (Madison Brode, Kelly D. Miller, Ashley J. Atkins Coleman, Kelly L. O’Neil, LeighAnn E. Poole & E. Keith Bowers )

In most taxa with altricial young, offspring solicit food from their parents using a combination of visual and acoustic stimuli, but exactly what these young are communicating, and how selection shapes parental responses, remains unresolved. Theory posits that parents’ interpretation and response to begging should vary with the likelihood of a return on their investment. We tested this in a wild population of prothonotary warblers (Protonotaria citrea), predicting that parents bias food non-randomly toward certain individuals within their broods depending on both the size and number of offspring. Full Abstract | More Publications from the Bower's Lab

Department of Computer Science

Mazharul Hossain, Subash Poudyal Awarded at Student Research Forum

PhD students Mazharul Hossain and Subash Poudyal were awarded first and second place, respectively, in the Math and Computer Science category at the UofM's 33rd Annual Student Research Forum.

Department of English

Congratulations to Emily Binkley, this year's recipient of the Dean's Outstanding Student Award! The Dean’s Outstanding Student Award recognizes graduating undergraduate students who have earned academic achievement; as well as demonstrating leadership, character, scholarship, and service to the University and the greater community.

Department of Political Science

Thesis and Dissertations

Congratulations to Jacob Pollock for successfully defending his MA thesis today! The project is titled "Argentine Dependency, Devaluation, and Default: A Study of Argentina’s Economic Crises from 2001 to the Present." Way to go, Jacob!