Online Giving

If you would like to donate to the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology by check, please return to the Donations page.

If you would like to charge your donation on a credit card, go to the University of Memphis Foundation's secure web site for online giving. (Or click on the "Make a Gift" button in the left-hand menu bar.)

Hints for filling out the Online Giving form:

The first screen of the online giving form requests personal information. Please fill this out as completely as possible. Items marked with a red asterisk (*) are required.

In the first set of fields, select the Friend radio button if you are not a parent of a currently enrolled student or an alumnus or a staff/faculty member of the University of Memphis.

If you want your gift to be anonymous and not appear in University of Memphis and IEAA publications, please check the "Anonymous" box.

What amount would you like to contribute to the University of Memphis? section. Enter the amount you wish to give to the IEAA. Do not put a dollar sign ($) before the number.

To give money to the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology -

In the next section, How would you like to designate your gift?, select the "Other" radio button and type in "Egyptian Institute" or "IEAA" or "Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology" in the field beside the button.

Designate IEAA

Check the radio button for How would you like to make your payment? (credit card, bank draft, or check).

Press the "Next" button at the bottom of the page to continue.


NOTE: if you are writing a check, mail your check directly to the University of Memphis Foundation.  It is helpful if you also notify the IEAA directly about your donation, either in writing or by telephone (901-678-2555). See the Donations page for giving to the IEAA via check.

Depending on the payment option selected, you will see different information on screen 2. For credit card giving, please fill out all the required fields and then press the Finish button.
Once you have pressed the "Finish" button, the University of Memphis Foundation online giving system will assign you a reference number for your online donation. Please write this number down or print out the page before leaving the online giving screen; this reference number will be useful if there is a problem with processing your gift.

The faculty and staff of the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology would like to take this opportunity to thank you for supporting the Institute.