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Support the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology by donating to the Institute or contributing to one of our projects. The Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology, a Tennessee Center of Excellence, is funded in part by the University of Memphis and in part directly from the State of Tennessee/TBR. In this time of dramatic funding cuts for public education, the IEAA needs your help to continue its tradition of excellence in community education, teaching, research, and exhibition.

You can help the Institute of Egyptian Art and Archaeology achieve its goals. Your tax-deductible contribution of money, goods, services or appropriately acquired antiquities to the IEAA will support many projects in both the U.S. and Egypt.


The IEAA conducts research and sponsors archaeological projects in Egypt:

Museum Collection: 

The IEAA maintains a collection of over 1,400 ancient Egyptian antiquities which includes mummies, religious and funerary items, jewelry, and objects of everyday life. Approximately 200 of these objects, ranging in date from 3500 B.C.E. to 700 C.E., are currently on display in the Ancient Egyptian Gallery of the Art Museum of the University of Memphis. Most of these objects were obtained by the IEAA through the generosity of private donors. It is the responsibility of the IEAA to protect and preserve these artifacts, the largest collection of ancient Egyptian antiquities in the Mid-South.

Egyptological Library: 

With more than 6,500 volumes, the IEAA boasts one of the most extensive Egyptological libraries in the South. At the core of our holdings are the private libraries of Egyptologists H.W. Fairman, Elizabeth Thomas, and William J. Murnane. Most recently, we received a generous gift of books to the library from Dr. Christine Lilyquist, Curator Emerita in Egyptology at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City.

Many of the books in the IEAA library are in need of conservation.  We also need help with purchasing new books.

  IEAA Projects to Support

If you would like to contribute your support to specific projects of the IEAA, you have many options.

  • Contribute to our "General" fund
    This supports projects chosen by the IEAA Director, Dr. Corcoran
  • Sponsor epigraphic work in the Great Hypostyle Hall at Karnak Temple
    Project Director: Peter J. Brand, Ph.D.
  • Contribute to the IEAA Library Fund
    For the purchase of new books and conservation of damaged, rare books in the IEAA Library
  • Contribute toward the IEAA Publication Fund
    To help defray the cost of future books published by the IEAA

If you would like to discuss making a special donation to the IEAA, contact the Director, Dr. Lorelei H. Corcoran.

How to Donate to the IEAA -

Donations can be made by check or credit card.

If writing a check, please mail it directly to the University of Memphis Foundation at -

University of Memphis Foundation
P.O. Box 1000
Dept. 238
Memphis, TN 38148

Please make your check payable to the University of Memphis Foundation - #0695. Please include "IEAA" and name of the specific project you wish to support in the "comment" or "memo" line on your check.

Donations are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by law.

For questions, contact the IEAA at 901.678.2555.