Grievances and Appeals

Faculty Grievance Committee

The Faculty Grievance Committee was established by the Faculty Senate to afford faculty members the opportunity to address what they perceive as mistreatment by fellow faculty or administrators at the university.

As stated in the Faculty Handbook (chapter 2):

The Faculty Grievance Committee, consisting of nine (9) faculty members appointed by the Faculty Senate, provides an avenue of appeal for faculty who feel mistreated in their relationship(s) with other faculty members or with administrators of the university of Memphis. In addition, the Grievance Committee provides a source of appeal for tenured faculty who feel they have been unfairly treated during annual evaluations. The Faculty Grievance Committee provides advice to faculty members bringing a grievance, decides to accept or reject submitted grievances, investigates grievances, mediates when called upon, and makes recommendations to the president of the university.

Note that this committee does not deal with tenure and promotion issues.

If you have a grievance that you would like for the committee to consider, please contact the committee chair, Charles D. Bailey.

Tenure and Promotion Appeals Advocates

The Faculty Appeals Advocates were established by the Faculty Senate to provide candidates for Tenure and Promotion help during an appeal of an unfavorable T&P decision.

As stated in the Faculty Handbook (chapter 4):

At any stage of the appeals process, an appellant has the opportunity to enlist the aid and advice of a Faculty Appeals Advocate. There are three such Appeals Advocates who are appointed by the Faculty Senate for three-year terms. The Appeals Advocates are tenured faculty at the Professor rank who are well versed in the appeals process, not currently serving on either of the Appeals Committees, and able to serve as conflict-free advisors to an appellant during the appeals process. An Appeals Advocate can provide information about appeals procedures and the grounds for appeals, assist appellants in developing their appeals, and advise appellants during an appeals hearing.

If advice is needed during the appeals process, please contact the Faculty Senate Administrative Secretary to have an advocate assigned to you.

Tierenee Nichols
Administrative Secretary
Tel: 901-678-2942
Email: tmnchols@memphis.edu