Consumer NeuroInsights Research Lab (C-NRL)

The Consumer NeuroInsights Research Lab (C-NRL) is a behavioral research and teaching facility founded in 2013 at The University of Memphis. C-NRL features a wide range of technologies and methods associated with consumer neuroscience, including EEG, eye tracking, automated facial expression recognition, GSR, pupilometry, heart rate and heart rate variability (HR/HRV), and implicit testing.

Modern neuroscience suggests the vast majority of our decision-making (upwards of 90%) is driven by mental processes that are occurring below the level of consciousness. This means that the results of traditional research methods, such as surveys and focus groups, may sometimes be misleading, as they can provide only a partial picture of what is actually driving buyer behavior.

Working in partnership with organizations and researchers from a wide range of disciplines, the C-NRL lab seeks to provide novel insights by integrating research methods and data from areas such as neuroscience, Big Data, computational linguistics, and consumer research.