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Objective 1 → Engagement:

Be a value-added, essential partner to the university and external communities. 


  • Grow to 5,000 students in total FCBE enrollment by Fall 2028 (approximately 6% growth per year from 2023 basis).

  • Increase scholarship and internship opportunities for students.

  • Increase corporate partner program by one new partner each semester on a recurring basis until we determine a saturation point (providing access for corporate partners to our students, and access for our students to those jobs).

Objective 2 → Students, Faculty, & Staff:

Empower all stakeholders to acquire, create, share and use knowledge for the betterment of our communities.


  • Expand business mentorship programs, real-world case study challenges, and opportunities for entrepreneurial projects to ensure students are immersed in practical experiences.

  • Facilitate networking events, workshops, and seminars with industry leaders and alumni to foster a deep connection between students and the business community.

  • Empowering faculty and staff will be further explained under goals #4 and #5 to follow.

Objective 3 → Teaching:

Transform students’ social mobility through opportunities in business education.


  • Increase 6-year graduation rate to 70% by 2028.

  • Achieve a job-placement or job-advancement rate of 80% at time of graduation.

  • Revise curricula and maintain relevance on an ongoing basis to ensure fit between our programs and workforce requirements.

  • Standardize online courses for a consistent student experience in FCBE online offerings.

  • Establish partnerships with businesses and industry experts to offer internships and projects that bridge the gap between academic learning and the workforce.

Objective 4 → Research:

Engage in high levels of globally recognized and impactful research activity.


  • Promote interdisciplinary research within the business school, collaborating with other faculties and external partners to address pressing business and societal challenges.

  • Invest in a top-notch research infrastructure, such as data analytics labs and business research centers and support staff to enable faculty and students to conduct high-impact research.

  • Increase the research expenditures of the FCBE for more summer research support in terms of dollars-per-award, more summers of guaranteed support for pre-tenure faculty, and research accounts.

  • Encourage all tenured and tenure-track faculty to achieve and maintain AACSB Scholarly Academic status.

Objective 5 → Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion:

Be a college with a culture people are proud to belong to and reward them in ways that help them grow with us.


  • Be transparent in the recruiting process, ensuring positions are posted publicly and announced generally to the college so that all candidates are aware of opportunities.

  • Provide career development opportunities (workshops and conferences, promotion and advancement) for FCBE faculty and staff.

  • Create criteria for promotion to (Full) Professor of Teaching voted on by FCBE faculty during the calendar year 2024.

  • Consistently ensure FCBE staff are compensated at levels comparable to on-campus peers.

  • Adjust faculty compensation to levels consistent with AACSB compensation reports.

Objective 6 → Accountability:

Employ a process for achieving objectives that values transparency and accountability.


  • Maintain a commitment to safety by investing in security infrastructure; communicating best practices for personal safety to students, faculty and staff; and sharing accurate data regarding campus/FCBE safety.

  • Reinforcing our high regard for faculty governance through committee work, faculty meeting proceedings and votes, and regular meetings of the dean with faculty representatives (e.g., senators, program directors, committees, chairs).

  • In areas where administrative leadership has prerogative, maintenance of consistent communication so stakeholders understand the decisions being made and the reasons driving those decisions.

  • Annual updates to FCBE faculty and staff regarding the status of this strategic plan and its objectives, state of the college, and college SRI report.

Objective 7 → Physical, Virtual and Financial Resources:

Cultivate philanthropic contributions for the FCBE and maintain a budget that facilitates investment in FCBE growth.


  • Raise $60M to match the state’s $25M for a total of $85M towards the renovation and construction of a new Fogelman Business Complex to break ground by the end of 2024.

  • Over the course of the subsequent two years (2025-26), build a top-tier, modern and technologically equipped physical location that students can be excited to attend, and that faculty and staff are proud to be a part of.

  • Grow our budget to allow for year-over-year faculty headcount growth of 5%.

  • Invest in staff support so that each department has its own administrative assistant.

  • Hire a recruiting and enrollment coordinator to deliver tuition-revenue growth to FCBE.

  • Increase staff in the Undergraduate Student Services and the Graduate Programs Offices.