About the Assurance of Learning Program in the Fogelman College

The Fogelman College of Business & Economics is an AACSB accredited institution comprising six departments – School of Accountancy; Business Information and Technology; Economics; Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate; Management; and Marketing and Supply Chain Management with academic programs at all levels including undergraduate, masters, and Ph.D. All of our degree programs provide a learning environment that fosters scholarship, intellectual curiosity, and collegiality with the goal of preparing students for meaningful and responsible participation in a broad range of career opportunities in business, government, and institutional settings, or for advanced professional or graduate education. We are dedicated to helping students acquire the competencies and attitudes for a lifetime of learning as they face the challenges of the future.

Continual Improvement

Through a thorough and transparent process of continual assessment and improvement, the Fogelman College strives to ensure that the learning outcomes for all of our degree programs meet or exceed the rigorous standards necessary to be AACSB accredited. The information shared through this website provides a complete picture of this ongoing self-assessment process including the learning goals for each degree, how we assess student achievement towards those goals, and specific steps we have taken to continually improve the overall professional development of our graduates across all disciplines.

Using This Website

This website provides a thorough picture of the entire AoL process for the Fogelman College of Business & Economics including a description of our methodology for assessment, current results and recommendations, historical AoL records, and general information about AACSB and the Assurance of Learning model. 

Along the left navigation panel are major areas of information including: an overview (this page), an explanation of our methodology, our assessment timeline, and historical archives. Detailed assessment information (framework, results, actions, etc.) are accessible along the top navigation bar and are clearly marked by degree area. 

[Note: Included in the archives page is non-AACSB assessment reporting required by the Tennessee Department of Higher Education (THEC) and SACS (our regional accrediting body for the entire university).]

Each degree area includes the following groups of assessment information:

  • A summary discussion of the degree
  • The learning goals and outcomes for that degree
  • The assessment rubric used for that degree
  • CTL results and recommendations for the most recent cycle
  • Committee reports for the most recent cycle
  • Actions taken based upon the most recent set of CTL recommendations
  • Historical AoL archives for that degree

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