MBA / IMBA / EMBA Assessment Overview

The Fogelman College offers three Masters-level Business Administration degrees that are assessed independently under AACSB guidelines:

  • Professional MBA (MBA)
  • International MBA (IMBA) [Discontinued AY 2019-20]
  • Executive MBA (EMBA)

While all three degrees have distinct and separate outcomes, they are assessed on a common cycle for both convenience as well as general similarity among the students and methodologies for data collection.

Gathering data for the EMBA program is relatively simple as the students go through in a common cohort and sections of EMBA students are closed to students outside those programs.  However, students in the MBA and IMBA programs may be enrolled in common course sections in a given semester along with students from other masters-level degrees or certificate programs.  In those cases, the data is filtered and separated to isolate MBA or IMBA results for analysis and committee review.