AoL Timeline: Fogelman College of Business & Economics

The Fogelman Assurance-of-Learning calendar has been updated to ensure that all degrees complete a full CTL cycle at least once every 4 years and include a minimum of two data collection pools per cycle.  In practice, the college has stepped up the timeline to include a CTL review every three (3) years to align our AACSB assessment process with other accrediting requirements at the university level (SACS, THEC, etc.)

CTL Degree Groups:

For the purposes of data collection logistics and alignment with the CTL timeline, the ten (10) degrees offered by the Fogelman college are segmented into three distinct groups as follows:

  • Group A:  BBA, BBA-Accounting, MS-Accounting (high volume)
  • Group B:  MBA, IMBA, EMBA (high volume)
  • Group C:  MA-ECON, MSIS, MSBA, PhD (low volume)

As relatively high-volume programs, collecting sufficient data to assess the first two groups (A and B) is generally not a challenge, but requires significant resource to complete in any given semester. Thus, data collection for those two groups of degrees is staggered as much as possible to support two data collection blocks within a given 3-year CTL cycle.  Collecting data for low-volume degrees (Group C) requires more frequent and varied assessment activities and are conducting on what is essentially and on-going basis in the college.

AoL Timeline:

  • AY16-17:  Assess (Group A)
  • AY17-18:  CTL (Group A), Assess (Group C)
  • AY18-19:  Assess (Groups B, C), CTL (Group C)
  • AY19-20:  Assess (Groups A, B, C), CTL (Group B)
  • AY20-21:  Assess (Groups A, C), CTL (Group A)
  • AY21-22:  Assess (Groups B, C), CTL (Group C)
  • AY22-23:  Assess (Groups A, B, C), CTL (Group B)

Tabular View of Above Schedule

 AoL Timeline 2016-2022/23

Historical/Future Schedule (Detailed)

To see a detailed view of the FCBE AoL timeline including historical and long-term future cycles starting in AY 2011-12 and running through AY 2029-30: