AoL Methodology in Fogelman

The Fogelman College has followed AACSB guidelines for continual improvement in learning outcomes since launching its Assurance of Learning (AoL) process in 2007.  These guidelines can be examined by viewing the AACSB Accreditation Standards (2017 update) document. (See "Learning & Teaching" on page 32)

Highlights of the Assessment Structure:

As required by AACSB, all assessment is done at the level of individual degrees (BBA, MBA, PhD, etc.)  Currently, the Fogelman College offers a total of ten (10) separate degrees, each of which are assessed independently.  Each degree has a separate set of learning goals and objectives that clearly define what a graduate of each program should be able to "do" and "be" as a result of successfully completing that program. Below is a list of the degrees offered by the Fogelman College with links to their respective sets of learning outcomes:

Curriculum and co-curriculum across the Fogelman College has been constructed to align with these goals and objectives and ensure students enrolled in these programs are exposed to content and activities that will help them meet the outcomes the Fogelman College has defined for its programs.

Faculty Participation and Shared Governance:

The Fogelman College AoL process has a well-defined oversight and governance model that is heavily-dependent upon faculty contribution in all phases from framework definition, to data collection, to analysis and curriculum improvement recommendations.

At a high level, the Fogelman AoL process includes an assessment director reporting to the Dean's office and a college-wide oversight committee with representation from each of the academic areas of the college.  For ongoing assessment analysis and program improvement recommendations, there are a number of standing CTL (Close-the-Loop) committees that are selected and aligned with each of the assessed programs across the college.  (Note: All of these committees were refreshed in Fall 2017 to improve both the efficiency and the effectiveness of the overall AoL process in the college.)

The entire governance model can be reviewed here: Fogelman AoL Governance Model (updated: 1/28/2020)

Overall Schedule of Assessment:

The Fogelman College follows an Assurance of Learning Calendar that meets/exceeds AACSB guidelines while also addressing university-level assessment requirements for SACS and the Tennessee Higher Education Commission (THEC). A detailed discussion of our overall calendar is on this website on the AoL Timeline page. 


(page updated:  1/29/2020)