AoL Archives & SACS

This section of the website contains a variety of archived information connected to Fogelman's AACSB AoL process.  In addition, outcomes and reports related to the college's regional (SACS) assessment activity are also included below.

AoL Steering Committee Notes/Minutes


SACS-Related Assessments

The University of Memphis is accredited through SACS (Southern Association of Colleges & Schools, http://sacs.org).  In accordance with SACS guidelines, Fogelman conducts regular program assessments of all undergraduate majors as well as its graduate certificate programs.  These additional assessments are not required by AACSB, but follow the same general methodology as the Assurance of Learning (AoL) process.  The section below includes information (framework, results, etc.) for these additional SACS-related learning assessments.

Undergraduate Majors

BIT Graduate Certificates

The first formal assessment of all five BIT certificate programs is planned for AY 2018-19.  Data will be collected in the Fall semester and analyzed for reporting in the Spring 2019 semester.  The rubrics being used to assess these certificate programs were developed by the following faculty in BIT:  Mark Gillenson, Sandra Richardson, Chen Zhang, Judy Simon.

(last updated on 5/4/2020)