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Fogelman and the Assurance of Learning

The mission of the Fogelman College of Business and Economics is to develop a diverse community of students for ethical, effective, and responsible business leadership; create and disseminate knowledge for new business realities in the global economy; and advance the intellectual and economic vitality of the community, region and beyond.  Our vision is to support economic growth by developing a diverse student body into professionally-prepared future business leaders and research scholars.

Embedded in this mission is the need to ensure all of our degrees, programs, and certificates provide students with the appropriate knowledge and skills to be successful in their professional work beyond school. To help us meet these learning objectives with all of our students, the Fogelman College employs a rigorous and ongoing quality assurance and improvement process using AACSB's Assurance of Learning (AoL) framework.  

The purpose of this website is to provide all of our stakeholders (students, faculty, employers, other institutions) with a thorough and transparent window into all aspects of our AoL process here in the Fogelman College.