How to Use Virtual Classroom (Author: Brad Eichhorn, SCMC)

Equipment You Need

  • Use a laptop or desktop computer if possible; tablets and mobile devices may not support all the available features
  • Use headphones instead of speakers to prevent echos if your microphone is turned on.
  • Best Practices:
    • Keep your video camera off unless needed - it will help performance and quality
    • Keep your microphone off unless you need to speak - it will eliminate background noises

Technical Information

Background information

  • D2L provides a Virtual Classroom and Video Assignments page (new window) about the tool at a product level.
  • D2L has a useful 18 minute video (new window) demonstrating the creation and use of Virtual Classroom sessions.
    • The first 3:25 focus on information for the instructor.
    • You may want to skip to 3:25 where it begins to show how the tool is used by both the instructor and student.
  • UM provides a "Getting Started" document (new window) that explains much of what you would need to know.
    • Pages 1-10 are focused on instructions to help instructors create these VCs.
    • Pages 11 and beyond deal with actually using the tool.
  • UM also provides a video demonstrating its use (new window).
    • The first 2:55 is information for only instructors creating Virtual Classroom sessions.
    • Students should skip  through to about 2:55 (the first 2-3 minutes are how an instructor creates a session)
    • Some of the material beginning at 5:00 is only available to instructors (such as allowing the screen to be shared or loading a file), while other information (muting your microphone or turning off your video) applies to everyone.