Student Comments about the Governor's School for International Studies . . .

"The group of people was wonderful, I really enjoyed the fun activities, and I loved the freedom to explore campus and hang out with others. The GSIS experience was also rewarding intellectually, increasing my interest in anthropology and international studies."


"The guest speakers put real-world issues into perspective. By listening to these certain issues, it made me realize that there's more than one way to approach these issues across the globe, and it can be different for everyone."


"International dancing was my favorite activity. Additionally, I loved talking about cultural relativism; it really opened my eyes to all the biases in my own life. Getting to communicate with such a diverse range of people and discussing what some may deem as “controversial” was extremely beneficial."


"I think the GSIS community is something that was beyond my greatest expectations. I did not expect to be around so many talented, diverse, and inspiring individuals. GSIS gives a space that is extremely rare at such an important time in teen's lives. I learned so much about myself here: what I care about and how much my contributions matter. It has been one of the most impactful times in my life, and it has so much to do with the people here. Everyone cares, and it shows."


"I love that all the staff here truly want everyone to succeed and that all the teachers are dedicated to what they're teaching."