Apply for Graduate Admissions

Students should choose the appropriate application from the list. Applications are generally available approximately one year before the term the student wishes to enter. If you applied to the University of Memphis previously, but did not enroll at that time, select the "Additional Application" option to avoid paying the application fee a second time.  Readmission is available to those who previously enrolled at the University of Memphis and are now seeking to be a student once again. Please review respective academic department websites for more information about admission requirements, test score requirements, application deadlines, etc. for your major of choice. Some degree programs may require a separate admissions application and may have an earlier application deadline. Please be sure to check the website for the academic program you are considering. 

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Graduate Degree-Seeking Applications

Graduate Non-Degree-Seeking Applications

  • Non-Degree Application
    • Completing courses for personal enrichment, not to complete a degree
    • Select "Non-Degree" as your major on the application
    • No financial aid is available for Non-Degree status

Additional Information for Graduate Applicants