The Student Health Center does not file insurance claims, nor do we complete insurance forms. The patient is responsible for any fees for services rendered during a visit.

The University of Memphis Student Health Center will no longer request payment when services are rendered. For any services rendered, that carry a charge or service fee, the amount(s) will be transferred to your TigerXpress account with the University & Student Business Services.  

A detailed statement will be available in your personal MyPatient Portal. It is the patient’s responsibility to review their statement in the MyPatient Portal. Payment of all charges remain the patient’s obligation.


Students enrolled at the university are not charged an access fee. Charges for most routine diagnostic and laboratory analyses required for treatment are nominal. There are fees for dispensary medications and x-rays.  Patients will be notified of any charges or fees before a test or procedure is performed. 

Students may pay an access fee between the Fall and Spring or Spring and Fall semester breaks. Additional service fees may apply. When more in-depth evaluation or treatment is needed the patient is referred off-campus to community resources. 

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Faculty and Staff 

Faculty/Staff are eligible for services at the Student Health Center.  Faculty/Staff patients are charged an access fee and may incur charges for laboratory analyses, x-rays, medications used during treatment, and/or procedural costs. Patients will be notified of any charges before a test or procedure is performed. 

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