PPD/TB Skin Test Policy - Students with a PPD/TB Registration Hold

  • All students who have a PPD/TB skin test hold will have the test applied, even if the student is pregnant or had the BCG immunization.
    • Those with a positive PPD/TB skin test in the past, must bring documentation showing past positives.
  • Students are required to return in 48 hours for reading of the test.
  • Students with a Negative PPD/TB skin test are given a copy of their results and the registration hold will be released.
  • Students with a Positive PPD/TB skin test are required to have a Chest X-Ray.
    • Once the Chest X-Ray has been completed and the physician has reviewed the Chest X-Ray, the registration hold will be cleared. This process may take 24 to 48 hours.
    • Students are to return to the clinic in two weeks to receive a copy of the radiologist's report.
    • Students who are pregnant and have a positive PPD/TB skin test, will be referred to the SCHD (Shelby County Health Department) for further treatment or testing.

Visit our web page for detailed information concerning this requirement.

Information concerning the disease of TB may be found at the Center for Disease Control and Prevention web site.