Honors Summer Fellows 2021

Each year the Honors College provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to work with UofM faculty on research projects throughout the summer months. In addition to receiving a stipend to conduct research over the summer, the students also receive funding to travel to state and national conferences to present their research during the 2021-22 academic year.

The Honors College is pleased to announce the 2021 Honors Summer Research Fellows, their projects, and faculty mentors:

Hannah Anderson (Biomedical Engineering)
Project Title: Evaluating Neutrophil Physiological State Upon Template Interaction with Deconvolved Z-Stack Imaging
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gary Bowlin, Biomedical Engineering

Alexander Beis (Finance)
Project Title: FISC, Crowdfunding, and Fintech Effects on Liquidity in Modern Markets
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Pankaj K. Jain

Sam Bracken (Psychology)
Project Title: Do adult attachment styles moderate the association between intimate partner violence exposure and mental health symptoms?
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. J. Gayle Beck, Psychology

Sarah Coleman (Biological Sciences)
Project Title: Is Leg Color an Indicator of Physical Condition in House Finches?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. James Adelman, Biological Sciences

Juan Esparza (Biomedical Engineering)
Project Title: Automated Segmentation and Characterization of Hepatic Steatosis Using Histology and Synthesis of MRI Signal for Accurate Quantification of Fat
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Aaryani Tipirneni-Sajja, Biomedical Engineering

Martin Guerrero (Chemistry)
Project Title: Score-Based Pharmacophore Validation Using High-Throughput Screening
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Daniel Baker, Chemistry

Samantha Hall (Biomedical Engineering)
Project Title:  In-vivo Macrophage Polarization Analysis in Response to Raspberry Ketone-Loaded Chitosan Membranes
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joel Bumgardner, Biomedical Engineering

Eric Pillow (Mechanical Engineering)
Project Title: Analysis of Exhaled Aerosols and Particulates Corresponding to Vocal Activity
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jeffrey Marchetta

Sophia Rouse (History)
Project Title: Germans’ Role in Memphis During Reconstruction
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Susan O’Donovan, History

Razan Sweileh (Biological Sciences)
Project Title: Examination of Liver Cell Proliferation and Death in Murine Embryos Lacking MAP3K4 Kinase Activity
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amy Abell, Biological Sciences

Anna Wiener (Psychology)
Project Title:  Maternal Separation Effects on Cost-Benefit Decision Making
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicholas Simon, Psychology

Estefania Guerrero Viloria (Biomedical Engineering)
Project Title: Development of Palladium Catalysts for Regioselective Functionalization of Simple Organic Molecules
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Timothy Brewster, Chemistry