Honors Summer Fellows 2022

Each year the Honors College provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to work with UofM faculty on research projects throughout the summer months. In addition to receiving a stipend to conduct research over the summer, the students also receive funding to travel to state and national conferences to present their research during the 2022-23 academic year.

The Honors College is pleased to announce the 2022 Honors Summer Research Fellows, their projects, and faculty mentors:

Katherine Batista (Sport and Leisure Management)
Project Title: What Biomechanical Variables Are Predictors of Running Economy and Metabolic Power in Well-Trained Male Distance Runners?
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Maxime Paquette, Health Science

Joshua Brown (Electrical and Computer Engineering)
Project Title: Smart Multimodal Wearable Device (SMWD)
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ana Doblas, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Krista Dyer (Mechanical Engineering)
Project Title: Fatigue of Additively Manufactured Ti-6Al-4V Cellular Structures under Uniaxial, Torsional, and Multiaxial Stresses
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Reza Molaei, Mechanical Engineering

Jessica Fall (Sport and Leisure Management)
Project Title: Effects of Breast Support on Trunk and Knee Joint Biomechanics in Female Collegiate Athletes During a Change of Direction Task
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Douglas Powell, Health Sciences

Farraday Johnson (Biomedical Engineering)
Project Title: Development of Micelle-Hydrogels for Controlled Dual Drug Delivery 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tomoko Fujiwara, Chemistry

Alixandria Kirkendol (Biology)
Project Title: Engagement in Metacognition Among Undergraduate Biology Students
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jaime Sabel, Biological Sciences

Mackenzie Love (Psychology)
Project Title: Examining the Effect of Oxytocin Administration on Cocaine Induced Behaviors
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deranda Lester, Psychology 

Katherine Luttrell (Chemistry)
Project Title: CNS Localization of Major and Long Gnal isoforms with Cell-Type Specificity
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Mark LeDoux, Psychology

Grayson Nelms (Physics and Materials Sciences)
Project Title: Synthesis of Magnetic Fe3O4 Thin Films on PDMS and Aerogel Substrates to Repel Mars Regolith 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Firouzeh Sabri, Physics and Materials Science

Ethan Wales (Biomedical Engineering)
Project Title: Evaluation of Glutaraldehyde Crosslinked Chitosan-Elastin Electrospun Membranes for Skin Wounds
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Joel Bumgardner, Biomedical Engineering

Tibirni Yusuf (Biomedical Engineering)
Project Title: Cytocompatibility of Electrospun Chitosan Membranes Treated with Decanoic Anhydride and Loaded with Biofilm Inhibitors and Bupivacaine 
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jessica Jennings, Biomedical Engineering