Student Research Forum 2023 - Undergraduate Awards


1st Place:  Alixandra Kirkendol, Biological Sciences


1st Place:  Ethan Wales, Biomedical Engineering

2nd Place: Krista Dyer, Mechanical Engineering

Liberal & Fine Arts

1st Place:  Cierra Dennis & Katie Walters, World Languages and Literatures

Life And Health Sciences

1st Place: Alexandria Kerr, Biological Sciences 

2nd Place:  Laura Fuentes-Arellano, Jhoana Hernandez, Bryan Gibson, & Madeline Bundy, Nursing 

Math And Computer Sciences

1st Place:  Noah Molder & Tyler Owens, Mathematical Sciences

Physical & Applied Sciences

1st Place: Hailey Miller, Chemistry 

Social & Behavioral Sciences

1st Place: Boula Baskhairoun, Psychology 

2nd Place:  Rebecca Crenshaw, Psychology