Honors Summer Research Fellows 2023

Each year the Honors College provides an opportunity for undergraduate students to work with UofM faculty on research projects throughout the summer months. In addition to receiving a stipend to conduct research over the summer, the students also receive funding to travel to state and national conferences to present their research during the 2023-24 academic year.

Honors Summer Research 2023 Fellows

Mackenzie Austin (Psychology)
Perceptions of Therapist Notetaking
Faculty Mentor:  Dr. Jeffrey Berman, Psychology

Zachary Baker (History)
The Third Way: The Democratic Leadership Committee and Neoliberalism, 1985-2000
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Scott Marler, History

Stephanie Bigham (Health Studies)
How Diet and Sex Impact the Development of Metabolic Syndrome
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melissa Puppa, Health Science

Macy Clanton (Anthropology, Sociology)
Queer Carceral Care
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Will Robertson and Dr. Lindsey Raisa Feldman, Anthropology

Christian Huang (Biomedical Engineering)
The Effects of Orally Ingested Manuka Honey on Neutrophil Production of Reactive Oxygen Species
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Gary Bowlin, Biomedical Engineering

Naitik Kaythwal (Computer Science)
Explainable AI in the field of Visual Question Answering (VQA) Systems
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Deepak Venugopal

Alexandria Kerr (Biology)
Proteomic Analysis of Brown and Polar Bear Hair to Identify Structural Proteins
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Emily Puckett, Biology

Luis Lopez-Games (World Languages, International & Global Studies)
Usage Frequency and Prestige Levels of “Spanglish” amongst Memphis’ Second-Generation Hispanic/ Latino Community
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brianna Butera, World Languages & Literatures

Olivia Remak (Music)
An Analysis of Traditional Secondary Band Pedagogical Practices and their Benefits and Detriments to Individual Performers
Faculty Mentor: Prof. Zach Corpus, Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music

Calvin Robinson (Biomedical Engineering)
Examination of the role of MAPK Activity on Placental Formation in vitro Using Stem Cells and in vivo Using Placental Tissues
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Amy Abell, Biology

Donovan Ross (Political Science, Psychology)
A Dance of Doctrines: The Erosion of Stare Decisis and the Ascendancy of the Major Questions Doctrine
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Sharon Stanley, Political Science

Sedra Sous (Biology)
Why African American Students Are Choosing to Leave the Biology Major
Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jaime Sabel, Biology