Works in Progress Syposium 2022 Awards

The Works in Progress Symposium (WIPS) provides undergraduates with an opportunity to share their research with peers as well as professors. Undergraduates who have conducted original research, scholarly, or creative projects under the guidance of a faculty mentor are invited to submit an application to WIPS. This symposium also welcomes presentations by students who are just beginning projects, and affords students the opportunity to present the background, rationale, plans and preliminary results from a project that is ongoing, rather than complete


1st Place:  Krista Dyer

2nd Place: Jada Sandridge

Physical and Applied Sciences

1st Place:  Sophie Wood

2nd Place: Grayson Nelms

Math and Computer Sciences

1st Place: Noah Molder and Tyler Owens

2nd Place:  Riley Morris

Social and Behavioral Sciences

1st Place:  Brandon Fuentes and Josie Steen (Tie)

2nd Place: Reynara Amaryllis and Morgan Edwards (Tie)


1st Place:  Alix Kirkendol

2nd Place: Sedra Sous

Health and Life Sciences

1st Place: Katherine Batista

2nd Place: Kimberly Baldwin

Liberal and Fine Arts

1st Place:  Richard David Howe III

2nd Place: Catherine Monroe