UofM During Modified Operational Status Information

This website offers information about the University's modified operational status on January 22-23, 2024. Normal operations resume for regular employees on Wednesday, January 24, 2024. Information shared during the University's January 16-19, 2024 closure is available online.

Key Topics

Employees whose functions cannot be performed remotely and cannot report onsite may be assigned similar functions to perform during this period. Special projects, online trainings and professional development opportunities, such as webinars, website accuracy reviews may be considered forms of accommodations. When online reassignments are unavailable and/or the employee does not have access to the internet, the supervisor may require the use of annual leave. Reporting to campus should be limited to functions that must be performed onsite.  

 Links to Online Trainings and Remote Support:

Employees scheduled for the January 22, 2024 new hire orientation will attend a virtual session on Monday, January 22. More information including the zoom link has been provided to them separately. Supervisors should prepare virtual assignments and trainings for their new hires who will not report onsite during the time that the University is on modified operational status.

On a temporary basis, Human Resources will be conducting all Form I-9 Section 2 verifications virtually via live remote video appointments with a Human Resources representative. The following conditions must be met to successfully complete the Form I-9 Section 2 verification: 

  1. Employee must have completed Form I-9 Section 1 verification invitation and uploaded copies of acceptable documents prior to the virtual meeting time.  
  2. Upon completion of the Form I-9 Section 1 and successful upload of acceptable documents, employee must contact Human Resources to set up a virtual appointment by emailing i9@memphis.edu 
  3. Employee must have access to a video enabled device that will allow the Human Resources representative to easily observe the employee’s face and documents. The employee must be present for the entire duration of the virtual appointment. 
  4. Upon successful completion of Section 2 and E-Verify work authorization, the employee is considered eligible for work. 

The virtual document review process is only in place during the remote operation of the University of Memphis. The standard in-person verification process will resume when the University returns to onsite work. 

  • The Tiger Den will be opened with limited services. For more information, please refer to memphis.edu/dining.
  • If bathroom facilities cannot be used in your building, the University Center facilities are operational and can be used. Any changes in this regard will be posted to this website.