Security Awareness Training

Access Security Awareness Training

Note for New Employees: Training enrollment is updated weekly. You will receive an email when training is available. If your start date was more than a week ago and you have not received a training notification email, please contact securitytraining@memphis.edu.

Be sure to click the "Complete Training" button on the final screen of the training module to receive credit for completion.

Did you know that around 90% of all data breaches involve some sort of human error?

Hackers know that it requires a lot of technical skill to get past a firewall into a server when it's so much easier to just trick someone into giving up a password or clicking on a malicious link in an email. You may be surprised to learn that employees are considered the weakest link in any organization's security defense.

Therefore, all UofM employees and emeritus faculty with active accounts are required to complete Security Awareness Training annually. This training gives users the tools and skills necessary to recognize common attack methods help protect our systems and data. Additionally, these principles can be applied to your personal digital life to help keep your personal data safe.

Training is provided by KnowBe4. Training takes approximately 30 minutes to complete for new hires and those who did not complete training during the previous training cycle. For all others, training takes approximately 15 minutes. Required trainees should receive email notifications and reminders during the training period, as well as a confirmation email upon completion. If you have received a notification email, training is required. If you have any questions about training or issues accessing KnowBe4, contact securitytraining@memphis.edu.

Face-to-Face Training Sessions

IT Security also offers face-to-face security awareness sessions on a variety of topics to any UofM group by request. We can also do a virtual session by Zoom. At the session, we will review relevant UofM policies and answer any questions you may have. Contact securitytraining@memphis.edu to request a session and let us know what topics you're interested in. Our mission is to help you work more securely!

Questions?  Email securitytraining@memphis.edu.