Security Awareness Training

Access Security Awareness Training

Did you know that around 90% of all data breaches involve some sort of human error?

Hackers know that it requires a lot of technical skill to get past a firewall into a server when it's so much easier to just trick someone into giving up a password or clicking on a malicious link in an email.  You may be surprised to learn that employees are considered the weakest link in any organization's security defense.

Therefore, all UofM regular employees are required to complete Security Awareness Training annually. This training gives employees the tools and skills necessary to recognize common attack methods which will better protect our systems and data.  Additionally, these principles can be applied to your personal digital life to help keep your personal data safe.                

The Security Awareness Training takes about 45 minutes and consists of 9 video modules, each followed by a few questions to answer. Topics include Data Security and Cyber Hygiene FERPA Data Security, and Red Flags Rule.  Faculty and staff will get a reminder in Fall of 2020 when it's time to begin it.  

Face-to-Face Training Sessions

If live instruction is preferred, IT Security also offers face-to-face security awareness sessions on a variety of topics to any UofM group by request. We can also do a virtual session by Zoom. Some popular sessions are General Security Awareness Tips and Best Practices for Working Remotely. At the session we will review the relevant policies and answer any questions you may have. Contact securitytraining@memphis.edu to request a session and let us know what topics you're most interested in.

 Our mission is to help you work more securely!

Questions?  Email securitytraining@memphis.edu