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Technology Recommendations for Remote Learning

The University of Memphis has negotiated with several hardware vendors to provide special pricing for personal purchases by faculty, staff, and students. See our page for more information.

Required Password Change

Information Technology Services (ITS) previously notified the campus about a security incident. ITS is continuing to work with security forensics experts to identify and remediate compromised systems. Service levels are continuing to improve. As part of our remediation efforts and out of an abundance of caution, the following actions will be taken for all Universal User ID (UUID) passwords:

The minimum password length will be increased to 15 characters effective March 10.
All passwords must be changed March 10-31 using the iAM website. This includes all students, faculty and staff. For more information about changing your password see our How to Change Your Password page.

Note: If you have recently changed your password, forget and re-add all UofM wireless networks on your all devices. For more help connecting to on-campus wireless networks, visit our wireless page.

Your UUID and password are used for single sign-on to access many University IT resources. Individuals will receive reminders through March 31 to change their passwords.

Zoom Video Conferencing

Enterprise video conferencing with real-time messaging and content sharing. Join anywhere, on Any Device. Simplified video conferencing and messaging across any device with up to 300 participants in a meeting. Zoom Meeting syncs with your calendar system and delivers streamlined enterprise-grade video conferencing from your desktop and mobile device. Enable quick adoption with meeting capabilities that make it easy to start, join, and collaborate across any device. See our Zoom page for more information, documentation, and training

Microsoft Teams is Here!

That’s correct. Microsoft Teams is available to all faculty, staff and students. Microsoft Teams is the hub for group collaboration in Microsoft 365 that integrates people, content, and applications. Teams brings simplicity to teamwork by joining collaboration, sharing, and communication all under one platform. See our page about Microsoft Teams for more information. 

Microsoft Forms

Microsoft Forms is a simple app that lets you easily create surveys, quizzes, and polls. It can be used to create quizzes, collect feedback, or plan  activities. Microsoft Forms authors can toggle their settings to allow users inside or outside of their organization to respond to their survey or quiz. Microsoft Forms is optimized for all the latest versions of Internet Explorer 11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox, Chrome on Android, and Safari on iOS. For more information on Forms including documentation, FAQ's, and training videos, please see our Forms Webpage.

Email Single Sign On

On May 25, 2020, ITS enabled single sign-on for Office 365 to strengthen security.

Mobile devices could require email reconfiguration

If you use a current version of the Outlook app on your mobile phone, the authentication should work without any changes on your part. If you use the native email client for your Android or iOS device, you may need to remove your university Exchange email account from your device and add it again to authenticate with single sign on.



Full documentation on adding and removing email from mobile devices.

IT Resources for Emeritus Faculty

Once a faculty member has been granted the role of Emeritus in Banner, they will have access to a virtual University of Memphis desktop. This desktop will allow direct access to University software and on campus technical resources. This desktop will be accessible by visiting the site and following the prompts to install the Citrix Receiver on a personal device. For more information see our page about IT resources for Emeritus Faculty.

Using Outlook Online

Want to use the UofM email Outlook OWA (Online Web Application)? Learn how to stay connected here at the UofM. Office 365 also supports various features. These features include Shared calendars for your group, Spam Filter, and Mailbox delegation. (“Mailbox delegation” means giving members in your group the ability to send on behalf or grant them mailbox/calendar permissions.) 



For more information about umMail and it's policies check out our website.

eCourseware logo

Looking for assistance and answers in eCourseware? Check out our eCourseware page for assistance with eCourseware (Desire2Learn) Tools.

DUO Account Security

DUO Multi-factor Authentication is required for all employees. Multi-factor authentication strengthens the protection of your information by confirming your identity. This is done when you access certain UofM services and sites. Note: Mobile device users are encouraged to update to the latest version of iOS or Android OS for optimal security and functionality. Effective December 1, 2020, DUO Security will end support of the DUO Mobile application for iOS 11 and Android 7. 1. Note: The DUO application may be restricted in some international countries, and clients may need to download the DUO Mobile APK App directly from DUO website.

DUO Tokens

The DUO token is a small, thumb-sized device that generates 6-digit codes or tokens to be used during DUO sign-on. The device requires no internet connection, no phone number, and is suitable for situations where the mobile app or phone cannot be used, such as in secure areas or when traveling.

DUO token

DUO tokens must be assigned to specific user accounts and cannot be shared. For faculty and staff, a DUO token can be requested via the following Service Desk form. DUO tokens are available for $20 and can be charged to a departmental index #. Tokens that are lost or damaged are subject to a $20 replacement fee. Students can order a DUO Token on this web page.


Note: If you cannot log into iAm, you will need to contact the Service Desk for assistance.


Requesting and Using DUO Token
Adding a Mobile Phone
Enabling Office Phone to Use DUO (Faculty & Staff Only)
Using DUO Mobile App
Deleting A Number or Device from DUO

Full DUO Documentation

View Full DUO Account Security Documentation


MatLab is a programming platform designed specifically for engineers and scientists. The language, apps, and built-in math functions enable you to quickly explore multiple approaches to arrive at a solution. MatLab lets you take your ideas from research to production by deploying to enterprise applications and embedded devices.

What can you do with MatLab? 

  • Analyze data
  • Develop algorithms
  • Create models and applications

Who uses MatLab?

Millions of engineers and scientists in industry and academia use MatLab. You can use MatLab for a wide range of applications including deep learning, machine learning, signal processing and communications. Other applications including image and video processing, control systems, test and measurement, computational finance, and computational biology.

MatLab Installation Instructions for PC

MatLab Installation Instructions for MAC


OneDrive (Microsoft's internet-based storage platform) is available for use with external (non-UofM) colleagues. Learn more about or OneDrive by visiting our OneDrive page. This service will provide a solution for sharing documents with others while working on research, class projects, or administrative collaboration. Remember, use of this service should align with all UofM policies and guidelines. (Please see UM1691 Campus Data Security Policy and the ITS Data Storage Guidelines.) Each UofM faculty, staff, or student are allotted 5TB of storage space in OneDrive.

To access OneDrive, visit the University of Memphis Office 365 Webmail site (authenticate using your UUID and password). Look for the App Launcher (9 tiles in a square) at the upper left of the screen (near "Office 365" logo). Select OneDrive and let the collaboration begin!

Our OneDrive documentation highlights the features of Office 365 - OneDrive. ITS Center for Teaching & Learning will provide documentation and training. Visit our training page for a listing of trainings.

Microsoft 365

The University of Memphis has an Office 365 Student Advantage Program available to Students, Faculty, and Staff. This plan allows users to install Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and OneNote, on up to 5 personal devices. These devices can be PCs or Macs and office apps on other mobile devices including Windows tablets and iPads.

Infographic for installing on a PC
Infographic for installing on a MAC


Full instructions for installation on a MAC
Full instructions for installing on PC

TAF Lab Locations

See UofM Campus Map site  or Technology Resource Locator site for locations of TAF Labs

Using iPrint

iPrint is a wireless printing system that allows students to take advantage of printing services. These services are available at all Technology Access Fee (TAF) funded printers on campus. To find a list of the these areas, visit the Computer Labs/Smart Classrooms website.

iPrint Infographic for Mobility Printing on Android devices
iPrint Infographic for Mobility Printing on iOS devices
iPrint Infographic for Mobility Printing on MAC devices
iPrint Infographic for Mobility Printing on Windows devices

iPrint website for a more in-depth set of directions and links to the system.

umMail Precautions

The University of Memphis uses Microsoft Office 365 (Outlook) as its standard, approved email service. Outlook provides a clear, unified view of emails, calendars, and contacts to keep your information and communication organized. Stay connected and go beyond basic email tasks. Outlook allows you to get more done, such as, journaling and document sharing.

Got a strange email? Check out this Infographic.

System Requirements:

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To check your system browser, use the What browser am I using? tool.

Additional Assistance

Connect with umTech via the Service Desk at 901.678.8888 or please submit an online service request.