Leave Documentation & Adjustments

Time and Leave Reports must be prepared and maintained on all employees. The time shown on the reports should be consistent with time shown on time cards or other time and attendance records maintained by the department or activity head. It is necessary to record whole or decimal parts of days on the report when the faculty or staff member has taken annual or sick leave. Signatures on the Leave Adjustment Form must be department's authorized person, usually the department head or designee.

Non-exempt employees report time present and not present. Exempt employees report time not present. This does include faculty. Please refer to the links below:

Employment Classification/Leave Reporting

Responsibility for storage and retention of completed time cards rests with the departments. Time cards should be retained for three (3) years after which they may be destroyed providing audit requirements have been met.

The Payroll department performs timekeeping overrides.

Adjustments to time should be sent to Human Resources with a detailed explanation. The signature on the adjustment memo should be the same signature as that used on time sheet. A copy of the time record should also be included. The employee should not send these forms.

Annual Leave In Excess of Maximum at Fiscal Year-End
Annual leave accrued in excess of the maximum not used by the end of the fiscal year, will be transferred to the employee's accumulated sick leave at the close of the fiscal year, unless the employee is on terminal leave, in which case the full amount of accrued annual leave shall not be carried forward. Call Human Resources at 901.678.3573 or see this policy.

Regular Full Time Clerical & Support Employees Years of Service Accrual Rate per Month Maximum Annual Accumulation Maximum Total Accumulation within Fiscal Year Maximum Accumulation Carried Forward to Next Fiscal Year
0 - 5 7.5 hours 90.0 hours 315.0 hours 225.0 hours
5 - 10 11.3 hours 135.6 hours 405.6 hours 270.0 hours
10 - 20 13.2 hours 158.4 hours 450.9 hours 292.5 hours
20 or more 15.0 hours 180.0 hours 495.0 hours 315.0 hours

Executive, administrative, professional, and twelve-month academic personnel, who are regular full-time employees and who are exempt from the overtime and record keeping provision of the Federal Wage and Hour Law, shall accrue annual leave at the rate of 15 hours (2 days) per month with a maximum accumulation of 315 hours (42 days) to be carried forward to the next fiscal year.

For more information about annual and sick leave, please click here.