Shandon Citadel 2000 Tissue Processor Specifications

Instrument Functions

  • Tissue containers - These are also referred to as the cassettes. The tissue to be processed is placed in an appropriate container, which is then labeled and the lid snapped on. The tissue basket located in the unit's rotating head, houses these containers where they remain throughout the entire process.

  • Reagent and wax baths - This processor is equipped with 10 reagent baths and 2 wax baths which are thermostatically controlled at approximately 60C. The reagent baths are filled with appropriate fluids and wax is placed in the wax baths after verifying that the main switch is on, as to keep the wax in molten state.

  • Stirring/Agitation mechanism - The basket is attached to the arms of the machine, where one arm is designed to rotate the basket containing the tissue cassettes at a rate of one revolution per minute.

  • Timing mechanism - Timer is meant to keep the tissue in different reagent and wax baths for optimum processing. If kept for a longer or shorter period than necessary, the tissue will not be sufficiently processed.

Technical Data

  • Reagent baths are easily removed from the unit for convenient refilling, changing and rotating

  • The processor can be programmed to delay start up to 9 days in advance

  • User friendly hand held touch controller

  • Store up to 4 programs in the processor's memory

  • Immersion time and agitation can vary for each step

  • The processor has two lids for easy access to containers as well as protection from hazardous chemicals

  • The unit fits in most standard fume hoods

  • Unit has 10 reagent containers and 2 independently heated wax baths

  • Convenient hanger clips in the unit's hood allows for easy loading/unloading of tissue baskets

  • Random and organized tissue cassette baskets are available as well as small and large baskets

  • Large baskets can hold up to 110 tissue cassettes and small baskets can hold up to 40 tissue cassettes

  • Weight : 115lbs (52kg)

  • Dimensions: Diameter : 27.2" (68cm) Height: 25" (62.5cm)