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UM3D: Instructional Impact

We are UM3D, and we are here to help you build the best online courses you can. We provide help in a wide array of services to help you reach students wherever they may be. To do this, we build on the 3 D's of Instructional Design: 



Course Design and Planning

Course design and planning services are at the heart of UM3D. Our instructional designers work one-on-one with faculty to produce quality online courses. This process, what we call "Guidelines for Online Developers" or GOLD, begins when faculty contact UM3D to propose a new online course or to redesign existing online courses. 

UM3D also consults and collaborates with faculty to: 

  • Integrate student success services
  • Improve student's online readiness
  • Research course analytics
  • Implement universal design for learning

Please contact us today to see how we can take your course to the next level.

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Instructional Media and Content Development

We at UM3D believe that students deserve the latest in innovations. This is why we keep up with online learning tools and help to provide the latest in media productions to help your students see learning in a whole new way. 

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Teaching in Blended, Hybrid, and Online Environments

Delivery of instruction is the third D of design, develop and deliver. In this stage we help you to deliver the best course to your students. 

UM3D also delivers support to those who are teaching with our fall and spring faculty learning series, Ignite; our annual faculty sharing event, Innovation Showcase; our best practices blog, Toolkit; and one-on-one consultations with faculty to help them integrate technology and the latest in learning theory. 

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Need help with technology training and technology support? Technology training and support is provided by the ITS Trainers in the Center for Teaching and Learning. Contact or call 901.678.8888 to learn more.