Please watch the Welcome video to get started.


1. Do I have to dial 9 to get an outside line?

No. When you are on RingCentral MVP, you will no longer have to dial number to get an outside line. 
2. Do I have to dial 1 to call US numbers anymore?

No. US long distance calls no longer require you to dial a 1 before the number. 
Note: International calling must be requested if you need it.  

3. Can I dial 4-digit extensions on campus?

Yes, you still can.  Keep in mind that we are going to be in the middle of a phone transition for 18-months. Please review to the information below for 4-digit extension dialing during the transition period.

     I am calling an extension on:
My phone is: Avaya PBX RingCentral MVP
Avaya PBX Dial the 4-digit extension Dial 9,678-XXXX
RingCentral MVP    Dial 901-678-XXXX Dial the 4-digit extension

4. What are all of the different website that I need to be aware of?

UofM: memphis.edu/its/ringcentral                            Settings Portal: service.ringcentral.com  

Knowledgebase: support.ringcentral.com               Training: success.ringcentral.com 
5. What is the minimum required OS that I need to run RingCentral applications? 
iOS – iOS 10.0 and up Android – 5.0 and up Windows – 7 and up  macOS – 10.12 and up 
6. Do I have to install the RingCentral apps on my personal phone? 
If you will have a  desktop phone set, the RingCentral app(s) is optional. Otherwise, you will need to install the RingCentral app(s) to make and receive calls. 
7. How do I send a fax? 
Once you have moved to a RingCentral extension, your account will be able to send and receive faxes. Check out the Ring Central Fax Quick Start Guide
8. Will someone come to my office to show me how to use RingCentral phone services? 
Please review the training and tutorials that are provided online to help you learn more about RingCentral phone services. It is important that you visit memphis.edu/its/ringcentral to take advantage of these resources when you have questions.  If additional assistance is needed, please contact the ITS Service Desk at umtech@memphis.edu or 901.678.8888. 
9. What if I want to order a headset for my phone or computer? 
Headsets (wired or wireless) can be ordered through ITS but the cost will need to be covered by the department. 

10. Which desktop phone sets will be available? 
The university has selected the Polycom VVX 350 (Quick Start Guide) and Polycom VVX 450  (Quick Start Guide) desktop phone sets for use with RingCentral. 

11. How will I be notified that my phone has been migrated to RingCentral? 
ITS will work with university departments to communicate schedules and deliver handsets.  When your extension has been migrated to RingCentral, you will receive an email welcoming you to RingCentral with links to setup your RingCentral account.  A sample email is included for reference.

RingCentral email


12. Is there anything I need to do after my phone has been migrated to RingCentral? 
Please review and remove voicemail  messages in the old phone system.  Call 901-678-8800 to access voicemail messages in the old phone system.  Voicemail messages will be  removed about 10 days after your phone has been migrated to RingCentral.

13. How do I access my voice messages in RingCentral? 

Voice messages can be accessed using the RingCentral application or you can access voice messages from any phone line.

Voice messages from RingCentral  | Voice messages from any phone