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Prepped for Success!: A Professionalism Certificate Program
for Lambuth Campus Students


The Prepped for Success! program sponsored by UM Lambuth Career Services is a non-credit professional development certificate that aims to provide you, the Lambuth undergraduate student, with career development guidance for success in the world of work/employment.  Having a college degree is not enough – employers are also looking for polished and professional individuals, regardless of major.  The Prepped for Success! program will give you a competitive edge when you apply and interview for a job, as well as a successful head start to your career.


You are eligible if you are an undergraduate with at least earned 60 credit hours and have a minimum 2.5 GPA.  All majors are welcome.  An application required.


You must meet the following requirements to receive a certificate:

  • Wear professional attire to the workshops and networking event.
  • Be on time and committed to both workshops and the networking event.
  • Be alert and attentive.
  • Complete all program activities, described below, within the semester of application – no "partial credit" or "make-ups" allowed in a later semester.

Program Activities:

There are three components to the Prepped for Success! program.

1. Attendance and active participation in two three-hour workshops:

  • Interviewing and Résumé Writing
  • Office Etiquette and Networking

2. Attendance and active participation in one pre-approved off-campus business or professional networking event (e.g., Chamber of Commerce Business After Hours or similar event).

3. Completion of an assessment, consisting of a

  • mock job interview;
  • completed resume, and;
  • written learning summary sent via a professionally-written email


We are not currently accepting applications. Contact Emily Ridgeway for more information.

The program will be offered in any given semester when the minimum number of students apply and are accepted (minimum threshold to be decided). Students must participate in all program activities to receive a certificate.