summer campSummer Camp at the ELRC!

June 3-July 26
*All spaces are full. No longer accepting enrollments.

Spaces are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Cost is $200 per week. This includes snack and supplies. The camp serves toilet trained children ages 2-6. Activities will be play-based, discovery experiences focused on special topics facilitated by our talented teachers and UofM students. Children will be engaged in creative activity from 8am to 5:30 pm, M-F at the ELRC located at the University of Memphis.


Montessori student with teacherThe Montessori Track

Montessori I Pre-Primary Classroom for age three through kindergarten

Our teaching practices and many of our extraordinary materials were developed by Dr. Maria Montessori, physician and educator, and one of the most highly original thinkers of the twentieth century. Her philosophy of education, and our demonstration of it, emphasize respect for young children, independence of spirit, freedom of choice, community feeling, beauty and order in the environment, and the joy of learning.

Montessori was one of the first educators to assert that children learn experientially, through movement and sense perception; accordingly, our curriculum depends on children's independent, "hands-on" exploration of the classroom areas: Practical Life, Art, Sensorial, Math, Language and Geography & Culture, which includes Science. Children ages three to six are grouped together to suit the specific needs of their stage of development. Children are admitted only at age three and it is be considered a three-year-long program.


Reggio Emilia Inspired  ClassroomThe Reggio Emilia Inspired (RI) Track

The Reggio Emilia inspired (RI) collaboration was developed for use in the preschool and kindergarten classrooms. The method focuses on the idea of a self-guided curriculum, where the students learn the curriculum through exploration and projects to tailor the learning to their interests. The curriculum emerges based on children's observation and experiences of their world.

The teacher guides the children's interests into a project where outcomes are determined by the children. Many learning abilities can be satisfied by the collaboration process. The product becomes part of the process rather than the ending of a project. This upholds the mission of our laboratory early childhood school for the University of Memphis.

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Pre-K Student drawingShelby County Pre-K Classroom

The Barbara K. Lipman Early Childhood School and Research Institute, at the University of Memphis, is a proud community partner site for Shelby County Schools Pre-Kindergarten program. Our Pre-K program is one of the first and most important steps families can take to ensure students are prepared for success in Kindergarten and beyond. Every year, Pre-K students score higher in Kindergarten than many of their peers who did not take an early childhood program. Pre-K students also routinely outperform Shelby County district goals for foundational skills, language and more. Pre-K space is limited, and students must turn 4 by August 15 to be eligible. 

To apply, please visit: http://www.scsk12.org/prek/