Cavitation-Resistant Materials and Coatings Workshop


Organizers Sponsors
Dr. Daniel Foti ONR
Dr. Amir Hadadazadeh University of Memphis Herff College of Engineering


The workshop is created to facilitate the knowledge transfer of the state-of-the-art materials, coatings, and manufacturing processes and efficacy among academia, government, and industry for cavitation erosion resistance. The workshop will help inform participants about the challenges and successes of employing such coatings, identify needs and opportunities, and gain broader perspectives. The one-day workshop will be held at the University of Memphis in the FedEx Institute of Technology and include a tour of the U.S. Navy’s William B. Morgan Large Cavitation Channel, one of the world's largest and most technically advanced high-speed, variable-pressure closed-loop water tunnel facilities for US citizens. Keynote speakers and panelists will be invited from among the world’s foremost experts in cavitation erosion and protective coatings. The objectives of the workshop are to broaden understanding of cavitation erosion resistant coating technology, disseminate workshop proceeding to reach a broader audience, and expose participants to the capabilities of the Large Cavitation Channel.