Mechanical Engineering Faculty and Staff Directory


Dr. Ebrahim Asadi Dr. Ebrahim Asadi
Assistant Professor
Email: easadi@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3332
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 310B

Dr. Ali Fatemi Dr. Ali Fatemi
Ring Companies Endowed Professor and Department Chair, Director of Fatigue and Fracture Research Laboratory
Email: afatemi@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2257
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 312A

Dr. Daniel Foti Dr. Daniel Foti
Assistant Professor
Email: dvfoti@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3297
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 322D

Dr. Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan Dr. Ranganathan Gopalakrishnan
UMRF Ventures Assistant Professor, Graduate Coordinator
Email: rgplkrsh@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2580
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 310D

Dr. Alexander Headley Dr. Alexander Headley
Assistant Professor
Email: jheadley@memphis.edu
Office: Engineering Science Building 322A

Dr. John I. Hochstein Dr. John I. Hochstein
Professor, Undergraduate Coordinator
Email: jhochste@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3113
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 318

Dr. Gladius Lewis Dr. Gladius Lewis
Email: glewis@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3266
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 316

Dr. Jeffrey G. Marchetta Dr. Jeffrey G. Marchetta
Email: jmarchtt@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.3141
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 322C

Dr. Teong Tan Dr. Teong Tan
Associate Professor
Email: ttan@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2701
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 312B

Dr. Amir Hadadzadeh Dr. Amir Hadadzadeh
Assistant Professor
Email: hddzadeh@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2268
Office: Engineering Science Building Room 314


  Ms. Betrophia Holt
Administrative Associate I
Email: bholt4@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.678.2173
Office: ES312

no photo available Jason Presley
Research Equipment Technician II
Email: jsprsley@memphis.edu
Phone: 901.417.1099
Office: Engineering Technology 100D