A Model for a Student Engaged Learning in an Elementary Statistics (SELES) Classroom

There is an ever-present national need for improvements in undergraduate statistics education to help equip a large segment of the United States population with a broader and deeper understanding of statistics in order to make informed decisions. Recently, much has been learned about the teaching and learning of undergraduate science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. One of the recommendations in STEM education is to foster active student learning both inside and outside the classroom. This proposed project will follow this recommendation and address the ongoing and growing national need of statistics education. In particular, the project will focus on a lower division undergraduate, large statistical literacy course at the University of Memphis (MATH 1530) – a course which has an enrollment of approximately 1000 students per year. The University of Memphis (U of M) is a large urban university with a student population of 20,000+, including 17,000+ undergraduates for which approximately 40% are from underrepresented minority (URM) groups, and around 30% are first generation students. 

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