Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and Credit Transfer

How do I get a permit to enroll in a MATH Class?

Answer: If the section begins with the letter R, then TN eCampus (formerly RODP) has jurisdiction. See instructions for enrolling. Otherwise you discuss this with your advisor. If your advisor agrees that you have satisfied the prerequisites, then your advisor will send an email to Ilham Tayahi, with the following information:

  • your name and Banner Id, U00-----,
  • how and when you satisfied the pre-requisites, and
  • why you need a permit.

Only with this information can we make a decision regarding a permit.

What does Prerequisite and Test Score Error Mean?
Where can I find the prerequisites for a course I want to take?

Answer: The course descriptions, along with prerequisites are found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

Will you issue a permit for me to register into a closed class?

Answer: Probably not. Some classrooms will not safely allow any additional students. Moreover, no permit will be issued without the professor’s permission. If there are extenuating circumstances, after you have obtained written permission from the professor, your advisor should contact a Math advisor with your Banner Id, verifying that you had satisfied the prerequisites, along with the compelling reasons for the permit to be issued.

How can I find out if one of my courses will transfer directly as a MATH course at the UofM?

Answer: The Transfer Equivalency Table, found on the Admissions site, lists accepted courses.


See the Advising Page.


A free walk-in tutoring service is provided by Educational Support Programming (ESP) in Dull Hall 341. Free online tutoring is also available.

Math Learning Center Hours:
JULY 2022: MW: 9am - 4pm; T: 9am - 11am, 3pm - 6pm; R: 9am - 11am, 2pm - 6pm (Online only); F: Closed.

Degree Planning

Online UMdegree Worksheet is on MyMemphis to help you plan out your semesters.

Degree sheets are helpful in planning graduation requirements from the College of Arts and Sciences.

Math Major 2015/2016 Course Guide lists the required MATH courses for the various MATH Major Concentrations: Statistics and MATH: Applied Math, General Math, Graduate Study, Teacher, and Actuarial Science.