Contact Information

Picture of Dunn Hall
Dunn Hall (facing McWherter Library)

Department of Mathematical Sciences
373 Dunn Hall
The University of Memphis
Memphis, TN 38152

Phone: 901.678.2483
FAX:     901.678.2480
Email:   MSCI-Dept@memphis.edu

Contact Personnel

No one Administrative Assistant II

Office: Dunn Hall 373
Phone: 901.678.2483
E-mail: msci-dept@memphis.edu
Responsible for: Books and book orders; booking rooms; equipment purchasing; general inquiries; lost property; mail; maintenance requests; office supplies; photocopier; room keys and codes; travel and other expenses.

Brandi Mull Administrative Associate II
Brandi Mull
Office: Dunn Hall 364
Phone: 901.678.3024
E-mail:  brandi.mull@memphis.edu
Responsible for: Applications for, and information about, graduate assistantships; applications for, and information about, positions for instructor, faculty, or staff; contracts for graduate assistants and instructors; grant budget assistance.

Ilham Tayahi Assistant Professor of Teaching and Coordinator
Ilham Tayahi
Office: Dunn Hall 349
Phone: 901.678.3487
E-mail: itayahi@memphis.edu
Responsible for: General undergraduate inquiries; Graduate assistant tutoring, classroom, and grading assignments, and graduate assistant supervision; All questions related to off-campus and dual enrollment classes; issuing student permits/alternate PINs (must have advisor approval first); technical issues relating to registration, MyMathLab, WebAssign, etc.

Ben McCarty Undergraduate Advising Coordinator
Ben McCarty
Office: Dunn Hall 235
E-mail: bmmccrt1@memphis.edu
Responsible for: All questions relating to math major program (undergraduate), math honors program, undergraduate advising.

Fernanda Botelho Graduate Advising Coordinator (Math)
Dr. Bentuo Zheng
Office: Dunn Hall 359
Phone: 901.678.3534
Email: bzheng@memphis.edu
Responsible for: All questions relating to mathematics (but not statistics) graduate advising and the math graduate program.
For questions regarding M.S. comprehensive exams or Ph.D. qualifying exams, contact Dr. Pei-Kee Lin.

Lih-Yuan Deng Graduate Advising Coordinator (Statistics)
Dr. Lih-Yuan Deng
Office: Dunn Hall 219
Phone: 901.678.3134
E-mail: lihdeng@memphis.edu
Responsible for: All questions relating to statistics graduate advising and the statistics graduate program,
including questions regarding M.S. comprehensive exams or Ph.D. qualifying exams.

David J. Grynkiewicz Associate Chair
David Grynkiewicz
Office: Dunn Hall 367
Phone: 901.678.1140
E-mail: djgrynkw@memphis.edu
Responsible for: Course scheduling; student complaints; departmental website. Can sign most forms that need chair approval.

Irena Lasiecka Department Chair
Dr. Irena Lasiecka
Office: Dunn Hall 373A
E-mail: lasiecka@memphis.edu
Responsible for: "If all else fails..."