International Students


The Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music student body welcomes music students from countries from around the world. These students bring immense talent, help to foster diversity in the university community, and inspire a global appreciation of music. If you are an International student who is interested in pursuing musical study at the UofM, you can expect that our faculty and staff are ready to support you in your educational pursuits, and are available to assist you in your journey to becoming a student.

The Center for International Educational Services

While the School of Music’s Admissions team can assist with the music admissions application and audition process, the Center for International Educational Services is the best place to start for information, instructions and advisors who can assist you with the international admissions process for the University-at-large.

How to Apply - International Students

Prospective international music students must take the following steps to get started:

STEP 1 - Apply to the University of Memphis 

STEP 2 - Apply to the School of Music

STEP 3 - Submit your Enrollment Deposit

STEP 4 - Complete an I-20