The Blue Line FAQs


Anyone can ride from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. After 5 p.m. you must show a U of M ID card or be accompanied by someone with a U of M ID card.

There are three main bus routes and one special weekly route. The main routes are the Main Campus Route (BLUE), the Park Avenue Campus Route (GRAY), and the Evening Route. There is a special weekly route to the Poplar Plaza Kroger and the Target on Colonial (PURPLE).

Bus stops are located all around campus with a total of approximately 18.

Route hours are highlighted online at this link.

Buses will not have a set time to be at a particular location. Each bus will have an estimated headway for each route. Buses can be tracked using gps technology by visiting https://blueline.doublemap.com/map/.

It is recommended that each student become familiar with the transit routes BEFORE classes begin. By studying the bus routes and planning your schedule, it should not be a problem. Bus operators will also assist you with directions.

Depending on traffic congestion, the time between buses will be approximately 15 minutes on the Main Campus route to 30 minutes on the Park Ave route.

The buses have GPS technology and can be tracked from cell phones with a browser and PDA or computer. The information from the web site will be "real time". DoubleMap is a Web site (https://blueline.doublemap.com/map/) that will allow you to view the buses in "real time" as they travel on the routes.

There is no fee to ride the buses.

Yes, each bus will have two wheelchair spaces. The bus lowers to sidewalk level and a ramp will be deployed to allow people in wheelchairs to board.

Only items that can be placed on one's lap or on the floor in front of one's seat will be allowed. No items will be allowed to occupy additional seating.


Yes, if the groups are associated with the University of Memphis. Special Event Shuttle Reservation Form

View locations and buses at https://blueline.doublemap.com/map/.

The buses will run while the University of Memphis main campus is open. In the event that the University of Memphis closes due to inclement weather, the buses will continue to run for up to 30 minutes past the closing time. Please check the 'Announcements' on https://blueline.doublemap.com/map/ or the app on your smartphone where all weather-related run times will be posted.


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