Special Event Shuttle Reservation FAQs


First you will need to read the Parking & Transportation Services Shuttle Reservation Forms. After reading these forms, you will need to complete and submit a Shuttle Reservation Request Form. Please remember that all information must be provided on the form and all authorized signatures are required in order to avoid any delays in processing your requests.

Yes. You will receive an email from our office confirming receipt of your information and informing you why we cannot process your request. A delay in processing your request may result in your request being denied.

Yes. Parking & Transportation Services only provides service for groups affiliated with the University of Memphis and for university purposes only.

Any changes to the original information or itinerary submitted will require the department to submit a "revised" request form with the revision date noted on that form.

No. All requests for service or changes to a request form must be in writing.

Yes. We recommend submitting your requests for service during summer semesters to our office several months in advance. Availability is limited to the number of drivers on staff during the summer and on a first come, first serve basis.

Yes. However, we recommend using the rate/fee schedule provided in the Parking & Transportation Services Reservation Information to find what the estimated cost will be.

No. The minimum amount of time that the service is scheduled for is three hours at a time. It cannot be broken apart during different time periods.

In order to ensure that the routes you are requesting are passable for our buses, we need this information prior to an event. In certain circumstances we will need the assistance from the Parking & Transportation Services Department to remove bollards from roadways and/or to man the gated areas on campus.

The number of passengers for a reservation cannot exceed the number of seats available on a bus.

No. Shuttle service is provided on a first come, first serve basis. The processing of a request is contingent upon all completed and signed paperwork being turned in before any service can be scheduled. We do not hold dates or times for departments or groups.

Send an email to blueline@memphis.edu. We will be happy to assist you.


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