General Permit Parking

For students, General Parking is paid for through the University Service Fee portion of tuition. New students are mailed a permit (hangtag) along with a semester validation sticker prior to fee payment. Students will maintain possession of this same permit and receive semester stickers to update permit. Returning students will only be mailed a semester validation sticker each semester.

The semester validation sticker must be affixed to the permit where indicated. This sticker validates your UofM permit for General Parking and surface Priority Lots after 4:30pm. Semester validation stickers must display the current semester and year (FA = Fall, SP = Spring, SU = Summer). All permits must have a current semester validation sticker.

If, for any reason, you do not receive the semester validation sticker or permit by mail, please come to Parking & Transportation Services in the lower level of the parking garage on Zach Curlin. PTS offers a grace period during first full week of class to allow time to update permit/sticker.

(Lot 5, Lot 11, Lot 12, Lot 13, Lot 14, Lot 15, Lot 18, Lot 20, Lot 38, Lot 44, Lot 46, Lot 50, Lot 51, Lot 54, Lot 56, & Lot 57)

For your safety and security, General Parking is expanding to include all General Parking Lots (24 hours per day, 7 days per week) AND NOW will include all surface priority parking lots from 4:30pm to midnight (7 days per week). The Innovation Garage and Zach Curlin Garage are still available for the Evening Priority access rate of $40 per semester. Any questions can be directed to parking@memphis.edu.

Included in General Parking access after 4:30pm:

  • Education Lot 7
  • Crews Lot 10
  • Patterson South Lot 17
  • Patterson Lot 19
  • Honors Lot 31
  • Music Lot 43
  • Desoto Lot 52
  • Statesman Lot 53
  • Engineering Lot 45  

The faculty/staff rate for General Permit Parking is $24.94 per month. 

NOTICE TO ONLINE STUDENTS: Online-only students are eligible to receive a general parking permit/decal at no additional cost. Students must request it by e-mailing tigerpark@memphis.edu or calling 901.678.2212.

Notice to all Permit Holders

  1. Any lost or stolen permits must be reported to the Parking Office. There is a $10.00 replacement fee for all lost or stolen permits (hangtags).
  2. All internal streets on campus that are not gated are restricted for Residents Only.

Continuing Education

Continuing Education permits are available for non-degree credited courses.  Some examples of non-degree credited courses are:

  • Intensive English for International Students
  • Suzuki Programs
  • Bar Exam

Continuing Education Permits are sold at the rate of $32.00 and allow parking in any General Parking Lots.

General Parking Lots Spaces
Zach Curlin South Lot 5 145 General Parking Spaces
AOB Lot 11 188 General Parking Spaces
5 Accessible Parking Spaces
Normal Street Lot 12 4 General Parking Spaces
1 Reserved Space
5 Visitor Spaces
2 Accessible Parking Spaces
Alumni Center Lot 13 164 General Parking Spaces
4 Visitor Metered Spaces
5 Accessible Parking Spaces
1 Reserved Parking Space
Goodman Street Lot 14 28 General Parking Spaces
3 Accessible Parking Spaces
3 Loading Zone Spaces
South Lot 15 829 General Parking Spaces
South Garage Lot 18 1110 General Spaces
22 Accessible Spaces
South Lot 20 675 General Parking Spaces
10 Accessible Spaces
Info Center Lot 38
32 General Parking Spaces
4 Visitor Metered Spaces
1 Accessible Space
Central Lot 44 961 General Parking Spaces
10 Visitor Metered Parking Spaces
31 Accessible Parking Spaces
Conlee Lot 46

728 General Parking Spaces
4 Motorcycle Parking Spaces
Zach Curlin North Lot 50 113 General Parking Spaces
Zach Curlin Center Lot 51 70 General Parking Spaces
3918 Central Lot 54 19 General Parking Spaces
1 Accessible Parking Space
Lipman School Lot 56 40 General Parking Spaces
1 Accessible Parking Space
Earthquake Center Lot 57 29 General Parking Spaces
2 Accessible Parking Spaces
2 Loading Zone Spaces