Selected Publications

Müller-Sánchez, F., Nevin, R., Comerford, J., Davies, R., Treister, E., Privon, G. 2018a, Dual Outflows in the Dual Supermassive Black Hole System NGC 6240, Nature, 556, 345

Müller-Sánchez, F., Malkan, M., Hicks, E., Davies, R., Yu, P. C., Davis, B., Shaver, S. 2018b, The Keck OSIRIS Nearby AGN Survey (KONA) I: The Nuclear Near-infrared Properties of Nearby Active Galactic Nuclei, ApJ, 858, 48

Müller-Sánchez, F., Comerford, J., Stern, D., Harrison, F. 2016, The Nature of Active Galactic Nuclei with Velocity Offset Emission Lines, ApJ, 830, 50

Müller-Sánchez, F., Comerford, J., Nevin, R., Barrows, R. S., Cooper, M. C., Greene, J. 2015, The Origin of Double-Peaked Narrow Lines in Active Galactic Nuclei I: Very Large Array Detections of Dual AGNs and AGN Outflows, ApJ, 813, 103

Müller-Sánchez, F., Prieto, A., Davies, R., Malkan, M., Mezcua, M., Elitzur, M. 2013, The Central Molecular Gas Structure in LINERs with Low-luminosity AGN: Evidence for Gradual Disappearance of the Torus, ApJL, 763, 1

Müller-Sánchez, F., Prieto, A., Davies, R., Vives-Arias, H., Hicks, E., Malkan, M., Tacconi, L. J., Genzel, R. 2011, Outflows from AGN: Kinematics of the Narrow-Line and Coronal-Line Regions in Seyfert galaxies, ApJ, 739, 69

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