Graduate Program Timeline

The graduate committee has recommended following measures to make the graduate program more effective. It is agreed upon by the committee members that the proposed guideline will be effective in helping graduate students to full fill their MS requirements on schedule.

Graduate students will follow this schedule through their 4 semester program:

 During 1st semester

Student meets with various faculty to determine his/her research interests.

Student makes commitment for research.

 During 2nd semester

Select committee members (thesis advisor + two outside members)

Begin project formulation.

 End of 2nd semester

Present research plans to the committee members (short talk and short proposal paper).

 Beginning of 3rd semester   

Annual evaluation by graduate committee.

If needed, submit report to Chairperson.

Take comprehensive exam.

 During 3rd semester

Continue to work on research.

 Beginning of 4th semester

Take comprehensive exam (if necessary).

Start writing thesis.

 End of 4th semester

Defend thesis

Register for graduation.

Important Departmental Dates:

 January 15, August 15

 Graduate Student Advising

 Sign GA/RA contracts

 By the First week of January and September   

 Sign up for Comprehensive Exam 

 Second and third week of February

 Comprehensive Exam

 Second and third week of September

 Comprehensive Exam

 July 1 (Graduating in August)

 November 1 (Graduating in December)

 April 1 (Graduating in Spring)

 Defend Thesis


Important Graduate School Deadlines:

   Commencement Dates

   Last Day to:

  August      15, 2004

 December  18, 2004

 May 7,  2005

 August 14,  2005

  Submit Electronic Intent to Graduate Card to Graduate School

 June 9

 September 9 

 January  27

 June 8

  Submit Master's Degree Candidacy or Doctoral Degree Candidacy Form to College Director     of Graduate Studies

 June 9

 September 9  

 January  27

 June 8

  Submit Cap and Gown Order to Graduate School

 July 12

 November 19 

 April 8

 July 11

  Submit your defended and corrected thesis/dissertation copy to Graduate School for             review

 July 16

 November 19

 April 8

 July 15

  Submit final thesis/dissertation copies to Graduate School for binding

 July 30

 December 3

 April 22

 July 29

  Academic departments submit comprehensive examination results to Graduate School           (doctoral exams due one week after grading)

 July 30

 December 3

 April 22

 July 29

For more information please visit: https://www.memphis.edu/gradschool/