"Some of the best professors I've ever had were/are in the Physics Department at U of M... I have tried to steal all I can from you & them!!" (Michael Hore)

Great professors at the UofM --and MacGyver--inspired Mike Hore (M.Sc. 2007) on his way to the 2018 Srinivasa P. Gutti Memorial Teaching Award​.

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Name and Graduation Year Current Status Location
Tom Adkins M.S. 1979 - TVA
lbert Armstrong B.S. 1998 - US Navy
Rebecca Aslinger M.S 1977 - M.L.G. & W
Katya Banerjee M.S. 1996 - Federal Express
Curtis Banks M.S. 1986 - NASA MSFC
Linda Bauer M.S. 1994 - Methodist Hospital, Memphis
David Blair M.S. 1990 - Teledyne-Brown
Michelle Bonette M.S. 1993 - Teledyne-Brown
David Brickey B.S. 1995 - U.S. Navy
John Buchannan B.S. 2005 PhD student, Physics Univ. of Arizona (G)
Ray Bullock M.S. - Oak Ridge National Lab.
Doug Caldwell B.S. 1984 - Air Force (ret.)
Melissa Cirtain B.S. 2001 PhD Student Montana State Univ.
Jonathan Cirtain, B.Sc. 2001 - -
Ted Clark, M.Sc 2003 PhD Student, Mathematics University of Memphis
Robert Clapsadle B.S. - Lockheed Martin
Bill Clements M.S. 1979 - Stanford Research Inst.
Maridee Cornell B.S. 1990 - Duratek
Clayton Davis, M.Sc. 2006 Research Staff Arrete Associates, Arlington, VI
Jason Durant, M.Sc. 2005 Research Staff Baptist Hospital, Memphis
Gary Eberhardt M.S. 1968 - Teledyne-Brown
Trenton Ensley, B.Sc. 2006 PhD Student, Physics University of Central Florida
David Ermer B.S. 1992 - Jefferson Laboratory
John Ferguson M.S. 1991 - Teledyne Brown
Sharon Fortner B.S. 1986 Faculty San Diego State Univ.
Rex Gandy, B.Sc. Dean of College of Science Univ. of Southern Mississippi
Jonathan Gray, M.Sc., 2006 - St. Jude Research Hospital
Richard Grehan, B.Sc. 1975 - Editor, Java Pro Mag.
John Griffin, B.Sc. 2008 PhD Student University of Texas, Arlington
Leslie E. Hanchett, M.S. 1993 - Mobolazer
Cameron Harvey, B.Sc. 2008 PhD Student, Biophysics University of Notre Dame
Theresa Drouin Hartley M.S. 1989 - Teledyne Solutions Inc.
Mary Hartsoch B.S. 1988 - Brown University
Steven Helmbrecht B.S. 1992 - U.S. Navy
Michael Hore, M.Sc. 2007 PhD Student, Materials Science Univ. of Pennsylvania
Tim Howard M.S. 1979 - Aerojet Electro Systems
Shabby Kaderi B.S. 2001 - Memphis City Schools
Stacy Kinder B.S. 1993 - Melrose H.S.
Jason Kimble, B.Sc. 2008 M.Sc. Student, Physics University of Memphis
Eric W. Klumpe M.S. 1991 Faculty JPL & East Tenn.
Howard Lewis, M.Sc. 2007 Members of Technical Staff Brother
Dimitrios Lianos, M.Sc. - US Army Space & Defense Command
Joe Losby, M.Sc. 2005 PhD Student, Physics University of Alberta
Ryan Marson, B.Sc. 2007 M.Sc. Student, Physics University of Memphis
Chris Maloney M.S. 1995 Faculty Central Arkansas Univ.
Drew Medlin, B.Sc. 2003 - -
Jaime Milan, B.Sc. 2007 M.Sc. Student, Physics University of Memphis
Naima Naheed, M.Sc. 2002 PhD Student, Mathematics University of Memphis
Kaouthar Nasraoui, M.Sc. 2008 - -
Tanya Prozny, M.Sc. 2005 PhD Student University of Alberta
Joel Revalee, B.Sc. 2007 PhD Student, Physics Univ. of Michigan
Jennifer Roames B.S. 2005 Member of Technical Staff Naval Surface Lab
Marlon Ridley, M.Sc. 2008 - -
Lisa Rightmire, B.Sc. 2008 M.Sc. Student, Physics University of Memphis
Brad Robinson, M.Sc. 2007 Part-Time Instructor, Physics University of Memphis
Richard Scopes M.S. 2000 -  
David Thomas, M.Sc. 1998 Member of Technical Staff iScreen LLC
James Varnavas M.S. 1993 - Teledyne-Brown
Cameron Walker B.S. 1983 - Web-Net Solutions
Jeff Warren M.S. 1972 - Naval Surface Weapons Lab
Christopher Watson, B.Sc. 2007 PhD Student University of Alaska
L. Kevin Watson B.S. 1995 - MLGW
Brodus Weatherall M.S 1972 Faculty The Univ. of Memphis
David Williams M.S. 1985 Member of Technical Staff Lockheed-Martin Corp.
Robert A. Williams B.S. 1986 - Hughes Corporation (ret.)
Trey Winter M.S. 2001 PhD Student Montana State Univ.