Pursue Dual Master's Degrees

Students enrolled in our Master of City and Regional Planning program can simultaneously pursue a second master's degree in a complementary field. To facilitate dual degree paths, up to 20 percent of the total combined credits required for the two degree programs can be shared. (Regulations can be found in the Graduate Catalog.)

Pairing a second degree with a Master's in City and Regional Planning allows students to develop a particular specialization or to simply broaden their perspective on public policy. And the ability to apply certain credits to both degrees makes it easy. Students may pursue a second degree in any program that meets their education needs, and we can help you craft an appropriate path.

Here's an example:

Master of City and Regional Planning and Master of Arts in Anthropology

Training in Anthropology gives planners additional skills in qualitative research methods and a broader understanding of social organization, socio-economic inequalities, power and social justice, and cultural heritage. This dual degree path can be completed in 6 semesters.

MCRP     48 credits  
MA Anthropology +  36  
Combined Credits Required     84  
Minus Shared Credits (20%) -   16  
Total Credits Taken     68  


Other possible dual degree pairings include: 

  • Master of Architecture
  • Master of Civil Engineering
  • Master of Arts in Earth Science with Concentration in Geography
  • Master of Social Work
  • Master of Public Administration
  • Master of Public Health


Add a Graduate Certificate to Your Master's Degree

Students in our Master of City and Regional Planning program can also pursue related Graduate Certificates during their studies. Our program allows between 18 and 21 hours of electives -- and elective courses can count toward our MCRP degree and a Graduate Certificate. In many cases a student can earn the Master's degree in and the Graduate Certificate in just 4 semesters.

The following Graduate Certificate programs can be obtained in coordination with a Master of City and Regional Planning degree: