Tiger Patrol

Tiger Patrol is a personal escort program staffed by students to enhance the safety of persons on campus in the evening. There is no need to walk alone and we heavily encourage use of Tiger Patrol if you aren't walking in a group. Normal hours for the Fall and Spring semesters are from dusk until 11:00 p.m. five days a week. To request an escort you should call 901.678.4663 (678.HOME). Please note that Tiger Patrol are ONLY able to escort to and from on campus locations. Off campus residences are not within the availability of student Tiger Patrol. 

All members of Tiger Patrol have had a criminal background check and are in good standing with the University. When they arrive by foot or golf cart, you should notice a brightly colored vest and an ID that says Tiger Patrol with the person's name.

After Tiger Patrol hours, Police Services provides escorts until dawn, however response time may be dependent upon officer availability. (Note: Use of the escort program as a "taxi" for convenience rather than safety is discouraged, e.g. multiple people wanting a ride because it is raining. Use in this manner detracts from our ability to provide other services. Please do NOT call for an escort after dawn, as our normal duties restrict us from providing service after that time.)

If you are interested in becoming a member of Tiger Patrol, email police@memphis.edu. Please include Tiger Patrol Employment as the subject line of your email request. In your email, please include a copy of your resume and a current reference list in a commonly accessible format (Word, PDF, etc). Please include your cover letter as the body of the email.